Welcome! We are excited to share the news of our transition to First Bank. While our name has changed from First National Bank to First Bank, nothing else is changing. That's right, we're the same us, just with a new name. You will see the same friendly, dedicated staff when you visit any of our office locations and we will be offering the same great products and services to fit your financial needs. All the current First National Bank office locations will remain the same and open for your convenience. As a current customer, you do not need to worry about having to do a thing.

You might be wondering why we changed our name to First Bank. For 155 years, we have remained locally owned and community focused; having operated as a National Bank since 1884. We will remain locally owned but have decided to move to a State Charter Bank because we felt this move would better serve our customers and communities. State regulations are better suited with the banking needs of our local communities and will support how we can best serve our customers. We will continue to serve as a true community bank, investing and supporting the communities we serve, and this transition will allow us to do just that even better. We pride ourselves on the strong presence we have within our communities and our commitment to serving them will remain the same. Our mission of Serving our customers first will continue as we turn a new page in our history, and will still be reflected in our name, First Bank.

Our story is just getting started and we look forward to continuing to serve you first. Thanks for entering this next chapter of our story with us as First Bank. Our future looks bright!


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